The Life and Beauties of Fanny Fern [pseud.]

Ön Kapak
H. Long & Brother, 1855 - 330 sayfa
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Sayfa 99 - The Reaper said, and smiled : Dear tokens of the earth are they, Where he was once a child. They shall all bloom in fields of light, Transplanted by my care, And saints, upon their garments white, These sacred blossoms wear.
Sayfa 99 - I have nought that is fair?" saith he; "Have nought but the bearded grain? Though the breath of these flowers is sweet to me, I will give them all back again." He gazed at the flowers with tearful eyes, He kissed their drooping leaves ; It was for the Lord of Paradise He bound them in his sheaves.
Sayfa 301 - Twixt Want and Scorn she walked forlorn, And nothing could avail. "No mercy now can clear her brow For this world's peace to pray; For, as love's wild prayer dissolved in air, Her woman's heart gave way!— But the sin forgiven by Christ in Heaven By man is cursed alway!" In this composition we find it difficult to recognize the Willis who has written so many mere "verses of society.
Sayfa 117 - There spoke the mother! Still hers, only gone before ! Still remembered, loved and cherished, by the hearth and at the board — their places not yet filled, even though their successors draw life from the same faithful breast where their dying heads were pillowed. " Two in Heaven ! " Safely housed from storm and tempest. No sickness there, nor drooping head, nor fading eye, nor weary feet. By green pastures, tended by the good Shepherd, linger the little lambs of the heavenly fold.
Sayfa 181 - Whatever may have been the defects of 'Hyacinth Ellet,' he has never publicly failed to ' know his father and his mother.' The gray hairs which ' are a crown of glory when found in the way of righteousness...
Sayfa 95 - Eternity the waking ; and involuntarily the most thoughtless look up for help to Him, by whom ' the hairs of our head are all numbered.
Sayfa 283 - I what if it were her child ? — and, obeying a sweet maternal impulse, she passes out the door, takes those little benumbed fingers in her daintily gloved hands, and leads the child, wondering, shy and bewildered, into fairy land. "A delightful and novel sensation of warmth creeps over those frozen limbs — a faint color tinges the pale cheeks, and the eyes grow liquid and lovely, as Meta raises them thankfully to her benefactress. The lady's little girl looks on with an innocent joy, and learns,...
Sayfa 49 - rocks were rent," and the " heavens darkened," and " the stone rolled away ;" and a cold chill strikes to my heart when I hear " Jesus of Nazareth " lightly mentioned. Oh, what are intellect, and poetry, and ge'nius, when with Jewish voice they cry, " Away with HIM ! " With " Mary," let me " bathe his feet with my tears, and •wipe them with the hairs of my head.
Sayfa 237 - There sits old nurse, keeping up that dreadful treadmill trotting, 'to' quiet the baby,' till you could fly through the key-hole in desperation. The odor of dinner begins to creep up stairs — you wonder if your husband's pudding will be made right, and if Betty will remember to put wine in the sauce, as he likes it ; and then the perspiration starts out on your forehead, as you hear a thumping on the stairs, and a child's suppressed scream ; and...

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