Cobb's New Sequel to the Juvenile Readers, Or, Fourth Reading Book: Containing a Selection of Interesting, Historical, Moral, and Instructive Reading Lessons in Prose and Poetry from Highly Esteemed American and English Writers, in which All the Words in the First Reading Lesson Not Contained in Any Reading Lesson in the Three Juvenile Readers, and All New Words in Each Subsequent Reading Lesson Throughout the Book, are Placed Before It, with the Division, Pronunciation, Accentuation, Both Primary and Secondary Accent, and Definition Noted, and the Part of Speech Designated : Designed for the Use of Higher Classes in Schools and Academies, and to Impress the Minds of Youth with Sentiments of Virtue and Religion : Also an Appendix, Containing a Class of Words of Variable Orthography and Words of Variable Pronunciation, and Quotations from Other Languages

Ön Kapak
Caleb Bartlett, 1843 - 240 sayfa

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Summer Morning
The ThunderStorm

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