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EASTER, Second Sunday after.

1. Folly of a death-bed repentance. (CALAMY.)

i. 466

2. The Christian state is a state of suffering. (ATTER-


i. 473

Third Sunday after.

1. The war of fleshly lusts. (SHERLOCK.)

i. 481

2. The Journey of Life. (HORNE.)

i. 487

Fourth Sunday after.

1. Epistle of the Day explained. (STANHOPE.) i. 494

2. Ill-effects of anger. (JORTIN.)

i. 500

Fifth Sunday after.

1. Doers and hearers of the word. (STANHOPE.) i. 506

2. Prayer to God in the name of Christ. (MANT.) i. 513
Adoration of the Magi. (DEHON.)

. i. 129

First Sunday after.

1. Christ among the Rabbies in the Temple. (Editor.) i. 135

2. Presumption and ambition condemned. (Jortin.) i. 142

Second Sunday after.

1. Excellencies of Patience. (HORNE.)

i. 150

2. Objects and qualifications of Prayer. (CLARKE.) i. 157

Third Sunday after.

1. Modes of overcoming evil by good. (Blair.) i. 164

2. On a peaceable disposition. (Blair.)

i. 170

Fourth Sunday after.

1. Gadarenes and Demoniac. (Editor.)

i. 178

2. Disquietude of sinners. (Newlin.)

i. 185

Fifth Sunday after.

1. Mortality convenient and useful. (Jortin.)

i. 123

2. Nature and influence of the fear of God. (ROGERS.) i. 200

Sixth Sunday after.

1. Hope of resembling Christ. (SOUTH.)

i. 206

2. Christ destroys the works of Satan. (SHARPE.) ii. 213


See Friday before Easter.


Virtues and qualifications of Martyrs. (STANHOPE.) i. 89
St. James the Greater.
The Lord's Prayer explained. (JORTIN.)

ii. 470
St. James and Sr. Philip.
Utility of afflictions. (JORTIN.)

ii. 442
JANUARY the 30th.

Doctrine of a national Providence. (PORT EUS.) ii. 143

St. John the Baptist.

Circumstances of his death. (HALL.)

ii. 458

St. John the Evangelist.
On Christian Friendship. (Porteus.)

i. 83


Nature of afflictions incident to the good. (STANHOPE.) ii. 517

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ü. 411
1. Blind Bartimeus healed. (Dehon.)

i. 247
2. Characteristics of Christian Charity. (JORTIN.)

1. Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard. (EDITOR.) i. 218
2. Creation of Man. (BLAIR.)

i. 253

i. 225

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ii. 154

2. Jehu with Jehoram. (HALL.)

ii. 161

Twelfth Sunday after.

1. Character of Hezekiah. (ROBINSON.)

ii. 170

2. The Letter and Spirit. (STANHOPE.)

ü, 178

2. Establishment of Mahometanism. (Paley.)


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ii. 137



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Vol. Page


--, Thirteenth Sunday after.

1. Justification by Faith. (STANHOPE.)

ii. 187

2. Character of Josiah. (Robinson.)

ü. 194

Fourteenth Sunday after.

1. Fruits of the Spirit. (Editor.)

ii. 201

2. Crucifixion of the flesh. (SECKER.)

ii. 207

Fifteenth Sunday after.

1. Lilies of the field. (TOTTIE.)

ii. 214

2. The new creature, in Christ. (SECKER.)

ii. 222

Sirteenth Sunday after.

1. Christ a Prophet. (FAWCETT.)

ii. 231

2. Aid of the Spirit. (MANT.)

ii. 239

Seventeenth Sunduy after.

1. Christ the guest of a Pharisee. (EDITOR.) ü. 247

2. Inexcusableness of obstinate impenitence. (Sxape.) ii. 253

---, Eighteenth Sunday after.

1. Christ both Son and Lord of David. (Editor.) ii. 261

2. Difference between duties. (Jortin.)

ii. 268

Nineteenth Sunday after.

1. Abuses of speech. (Jortin.)

ii. 275

2. Shadrach and his companions. (Robinson.)

ii. 283

Twentieth Sunduy after.

1. Justice, Mercy, and Humility. (Editor.) ii. 290

2. Gratitude and Thanksgiving. (Jortin.)

ii. 297

Twenty-first Sunday after.

1. The whole armour of God. (Horne.).

ii. 303

2. The Just shall live by Faith. (Carr.)

ii. 310

Twenty-second Sunday after.

1. Trust in God. (Jortin.)

ü. 316

2. Opportunities of doing good. (Porte Us.)

ii. 324

Twenty-third Sunday after.

1. The righteous man a friend to his community.


ii. 331

2. A heavenly conversation. "(TILLOTSON.) ii. 338

Twenty-fourth Sunday after.

1. Future happiness of the Saints. (Jortin.) ii. 346

2. Walking with the Wise. (Jortin.)

ii. 353

Twenty-fifth Sunday after.

1. The Lord our Righteousness. (Pott.)

ii. 361

2. Increase of loaves and fishes. (Editor.)

ii. 369
Twenty-sixth Sunday after.

1. Methods of cultivating Friendship. (Blair.) ii. 376

2. Men the causes of their own sufferings. (Blair.) ii. 382


1. The unspeakable Gift. (HORNE.)

i. 545

2. Miraculous gifts, conferred on the Apostles.


i. 555



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