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Fen prima libri primi Canonis

Avicenna - 1636 - Tam görünüm
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The Poetics of Alfarabi and Avicenna

Salim Kemal - 1991 - Sınırlı önizleme
This book is an original and important study of philosophical issues in medieval Arabic poetics. Examining the commentaries on Aristotle's "Poetics by Avicenna" in the context of Aristotle's logical theory, the author shows how the philosophers ...
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The Propositional Logic of Avicenna

Avicenna, Nabil Shehaby - 1973 - Sınırlı önizleme
The main purpose of this work is to provide an English translation of and commentary on a recently published Arabic text dealing with con ditional propositions and syllogisms. The text is that of A vicenna (Abu represents his views on the subject ...
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The Traditional Healer's Handbook: A Classic Guide to the Medicine of Avicenna

Ghulam Moinuddin Chishti, Hakim G. M. Chishti - 1991 - Sınırlı önizleme
This comprehensive guide to healing synthesizes the principles and practices of Hippocratic, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Persian medicine, and includes the first English translation of one of the handbooks of Avicenna, whose writings have been ...
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Alfarabi, Avicenna, and Averroes, on Intellect: Their Cosmologies, Theories ...

Herbert A. Davidson - 1992 - Sınırlı önizleme
A study of problems, all revolving around the subject of intellect in the philosophies of Alfarabi, Avicenna, and Averroes, this book starts by reviewing discussions in Greek and early Arabic philosophy which served as the background for the ...
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Liber Celi Et Mundi

Oliver Gutman - 2003 - Sınırlı önizleme
A Critical Edition (together with introduction and English translation) of the Pseudo-Avicenna "Liber Celi et Mundi," a Latin translation from Arabic of a paraphrase of Aristotle's "De Caelo," It was translated in Spain in the later twelfth ...
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Avicenna Latinus: Liber Primus Naturalium : Tractatus Primus De Causis Et ...

Avicenna, Gérard Verbeke - 1992 - Sınırlı önizleme
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The Philosophical Poetics of Alfarabi, Avicenna and Averroës: The ..., 0. cilt

Salim Kemal - 2003 - Önizleme Yok
This book examines the studies of Aristotle's Poetics and related texts in which three Medieval philosophers proposed a conception of poetic validity (beauty), and a just relation between subjects in a community (goodness).
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Liber Quartus Naturalium: De Actionibus Et Passionibus Qualitatum Primarum

Avicenna - 1989 - Sınırlı önizleme
(Peeters 1989)
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Avicenna's Commentary on the Poetics of Aristotle: A Critical Study with an ...

Avicenna - 1974 - Sınırlı önizleme
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