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Nonpareils, and the hoarse Coughings of phthisicky old Women, joined with the Puphony of the Orchestray, made up an out-of-the way, comical sort of Concert. I never


Entertainment without a Design of benefiting my Readers by it. The different Modulations of the Instruments, which I had heard before at Ogle's, and which now filled up the Intermislicn of the Play, made me reflect on the near Affinity between the Actors and the Music, and gave me the Hint of drawing a new Parallel between them. The Play began anew : others were observing the expressive Action of the Performers, and impatiently wa ting the Catastrophe of the Piece: I was only attentive to their different Tones of Voice, and coirparing them with the Sounds i had just heard from

and String Instruments. Man

, (for I carried my Reflection equally to both Houses,) I considered as a double-Keyed Harpsichord struck by the nice Finger of an Handel; now raising us to the alarming Bass of Terror, now finking us down to the melting Treble of Pity: Sometimes fixing our serious Thoughts to a slow Tragical penserojo, at other Times tickling our enlivened Faculties to a brisk Comedy andante, or a light farcical Jig. All the Powers of Harmony are included, and the whole Energy of Composition exerted, in this various and delightful Instrument.

I mean not to derogate from the Merits of Mr. Barry by the Similitude, 'when I liken him to the Italian Violin ; which, if it cannot take in the whole Compass and Contrariety of Notés (expressive of every Passion) that the Harpsichord is equal to, yet it draws out such a Sweetness of Tone, such a calm Melody of Sound, that the correct Ear discovers exquisite Force in its Siinplicity. Sometimes too it Thakes the Soul with its Rapidity, and the sympathizing Senses are enraptured with the Graces capable



to be expressed on it by the masterly Execution of a; Giardinio

Mr. Molop, though a very promising Actor, does not as yet, aspire to the Expression of Mr. Garrick whom I compared to the Harpsichord,

or the Delicacy of Mr. Barty whom I considered as a Violin. I shall therefore place him on the Stage nearly in the same Rank that the Violoncello holds in the Orchestra. His Elocutlon to the vulgar Part of the Audience may found harsh and somewhat grating: but there is a noble Dignity in it; and, like the Instrument just mentioned, at the fame Time it is Strong, Loud, and Full, is Delectable, Just, and Melodious,

I may be censured perhaps for faying, that the Hautboy is no bad Resemblance of Mr. Rofs; neither remarkable for its Sweetness or Variety, and rather pleasing than furprising, more useful in a Concerto, when accompaind with better-toned Instruments, than it is efficacious when playing a Solo.

And here Mr. Quin among the Rest muft not be forgotten, as we have so often heretofore admired him, when he finote the General Ear, and fhook Pit, Box, and Gallery with his Thunder. But I know not whether we may better trace him in the rough Rumbling of the Bassoon, the loud Roaring of the Kettle-Drum, the full Cadence of the Horn, or the deep and strong Unifon of the DoubleBass.

Mrs. Cibber's soft eafy Pipe aptly enough brought to my Remembrance the Mellowness of a German Flute, when inspired by the almost speaking Breath of a Burk Thumoth. The Plaintiveness of her Accents are expressive of the liquid Melody peculiar to this Instrument, whose Sounds are adapted to the Languishings of Love, and melt us with extatic Mildness: not but that sometimes they are raised to a higher Pitch, and startle us with the wild Fury of extravagant Despair. I could with indeed Mrs. Cibber's


Stops were regulated with the Judgment of a Prito chard, that we might not be so often tired with a conftant and unaltered Monotony.

But oh! the Miss Bellamy;---the fine, the charming, the every-thing Miss Bellamy,—she, whom I affirm to be the best Actress, and the handsomest Woman in the World, -lhe, in whom all the Combination of harmonius Utterance are united; whenever the rich Music of her Tongue (weetens the Air, (as Rorneo calls it,)-O what single : Instrument can come up to her Expression !- Ihould do her Injustice even to compare her with the new-invented Lyrichord of Plenius ; where the Softness of the Flagellet, the Mellowness of the Flute, and the Fullness of the Hautboy, are, by the Vibrations of the several Chords artfully disposed, all of them curiously blended together.-Miss Bellamy in my Opinion is an Organ playing with a vast Variety of Stops, and makes in herielf a complete Concert,

In the Theatres there are several meaner-founding Instruments, neither commanding for their Grace, nor affecting for their Energy-yet they serve well enough to fill up the Band; and if inelegant, or of diffonant Mood, they pass off, as without particular Distinction, so without particular Dislike; while their unmeaning ill-timed Discordancy is happily lost and drowned in the general Harmony.

* This is designed as a Companion to my former (before never heard of) Parallel between Pain, ting and Playing.

I know not what to think of the following: Į

found it in my Pocket Yesterday: Nor can I guess how it came thither : 'Twas after my Return from seeing the curious Creature, in


whole Character it is written: I remember I carefled him with much Fondness; and once, I believe, hinted I would do him Justice in Print. Others more credulous may think something miraculous in it: I can only say, the little dumb Animal seemed to me to thew more Ingenuity than many two-legged Puppies of my Acquaintance, that pretended to Rationality.



Written by Himself.

Were I to reveal the Secret how I have been able to write at all, it would too much stagger human Belief : let it fuffice that I have really done it; and from the incredible Feats People daily see me perform, a conjectural Argument may be fairly deduced, that it was possible for me to have written this.

The Learned very well know the Tenets of Pythagoras : He maintained the Principles of Transmigration : that the Bodies of Men were animated by Souls passing from Brutes, and of Brutes by Souls palling from Men. This Doctrine has been long exploded: but may it not be true? The Earth was once thought to be immoveable ; and it was pronounced an Heresy, doomed to the Faggot, to affirm the Contrary. Des Carte's System of Philosophy had once as many Supporters, as. Sir Isaac's has at present: Many Opinions have been resumed, that before had been discarded :-Multa renafcentur, quc jam cecidere-And why not this of Transmigration? Vol. III,


I my


I myself, I folemnly declare, was an Intimate and Fellow-Soldier with Euphorbus, who was afterwards Pythagoras himself: and who knows but those bluff Englilh Mastiffs, who now amicably serve together at the fame Shambles, may inherit, not the Names. only, but the very Souls of those rival Heroes, Pompey and Cæfar.

But it were presumptuous in a simple Dog, as I am, a mere Brute endued, as 'tis said, only with Instinct, to enter into physical Disquisitions : Yet, I affure you, I have a Memory, not only of what has happened to me in my present Shape, but through all my Transactions. A few Incidents I shall select of my canine State of Life, to which, by a fad Fatality, I have been chiefly confined. First then, it is necessary to inform you, that I

once the glorious Dog-Star, elevated to the blissful Regions of the Skies. I there enjoyed a tranquil Felicity, till, by my Barking, I imprudently difturbed the Sovereign Jupiter in an Amour with a certain Goddess. For this Offence I was banished the Heavens, and, as I could not be wholly divested of Immortality, condemned to inhabit material Beings here on Earth, and do a Dhameful Pennance in gross Flesh and Blood.

I'is not worth while to. inention how long I have thus suffered ; or in what different Forms: I was one of those Dogs that encompassed Scylla, so renowned in poetical Story: I was one of those Dogs, that helped to devour their Master Astæon; whose Soul Diana commanded instantly to enter the dead Body of a Stag, newly killed, that he might not be able to blab of her Nakedness. ----(Ovid tells the Story otherwise, but this is the Fact.) -I was Ulysses's faithful Argos, who discovered my Master after twenty Years Absence, when his Wife, his Son, and all his Family, could not know him.


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