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4 Such blessings from tliy gracious, 4 But, worn by slowly rolling years

Our humble pray’rs implorc; Chand Or broke by sickness in a day, And thou, the Lord, shalt be our God, The fading glory disappears, And portion evermore.

The shori-liv'd beauties die away. HYMN 203. (III. 3.) 5 Yet these, new rising from the tomb 1 Chronicles xxix. 10-13.

With lustre brighter far shallshine; BL LESS'D be thou, the God of Israel Revive with ever during bloom,

Safe from diseases and decline. Thou, our Father, and our Lord! Bless'd thy majesty for ever!

6 Let sickness blast, and death devour

If heaven shall recompense our Ever be thy name ador'd!

pains : 2 Thine, O Lord, are pow'r and great- Perish the grass, and fade the Row'r, Glory, vict'ry, are thine own; (ness,

If firm the word of God remains. All is thine in earth and heaven,

HYMN 206. Over all thy boundless throne.

(C. M.)

Isaiah xl. 27-31. 3 Riches come of thee, and honour,

Pow'r and might to thee belong; WHY mournest thou, my anxiou. Thine it is to make us prosper,

Despairing of relief, (soul,

As if the Lord o'erlook'd thy cares, Only thine to make us strong.

Or pitied not thy grief? 4 Lordour God! for these, thy bounties, 2 Hast thou not known, hast thou Hymns of gratitude we raise;

not heard, To thy Name, for ever glorious,

That firm remains on high
Ever we address our praise !

The everlasting throne of Him
HYMN 204. (C. M.) Who made the earth and sky!
Proverbs iii. 13-17.

3 Art thou afraid his power will fail O

In gorrow's evil day?
Religion's warning voice, Can the Creator's mighty arm
And who celestial wisdom makes Grow weary or decay!
His early, only choice.

4 Supreme in wisdom as in power 2 For she has treasures greater far The Rock of ages stands; Than east or west untold;

Thou canst not search his mind, nor More precious are her bright rewards, The working of his hands. [trace Thän gems, or stores of gold.

5 He gives the conquest to the weak, 3 Her right hand offers to the just Supports the fainting heart; Immortal, happy days ;

And courage in the evil hour Her left, imperishable wealth,

His lieavenly aids impart. And heavenly crowns displays. 6 Mere human energy shall faint, 4 And, as her holy labours rise, And youthful vigour cease;. So her rewards increase;

But those who wait upon the Lord Her ways are ways of pleasantness, In strength shall still increase. And all her paths are peace. 7 They, with unwearied step, shal HYMN 205. (L. M.)

The path of life divine ; (tread Isaiah xl. 6-8.

With growing ardour onward move,

With growing brightness shine. THE morning flow'rs display their sweets,

8 On eagles' wings they mount, they And gay their silken leaves unfold; On wings of faith and love; (soat fus careless of the noon-day heats,

Till, past the sphere of earth and sin And fearless of the ev'ning cold. They rise to heaven above. 2 Nipp'd by the wind's unkindly blast,

IIYMN 207. (C. M.) Parch'd by the sun's more fervent

Isaiak Ivij. 15. The momentary glories waste, (ray, Thundsp

VHUS speaks the High and Loft The short-liv'd beauties die away. 3 So blooms the human face divino,

My throne is fix'd on high; When youth its pride of beauty There, through eternity, I hear show;

The praises of tko sky: Fairer than spring the colours shine, 2 Yet, looking down, I visit oft

And sweeter than the op'ning rose. The humble, hallow'd cell;

And, with the penitent who nourn, HYMN 210. (S. M.) 'Tis my delight to dwell.

Philippians ii. 12, 13. 3 My presence heals the wounded T'he rad in spirit cheers;

Theurt, HEIRS of unending life,

While yet we sojourn here, My presence, from the bed of dust,

O let us our salvation work The cotrite sinner cars.

With trembling and with fear 4 I dwell with all my humble saints

12 God will support our hearts While they on earth remain;

With might before unknown;
And they, exalted, dwell with me, The work to be perforind is ours,
With me for ever reign.

The strength is all his own.
HYMN 208. (II. 1.) 3 'T'is he that works to will,
/!a bakkuk iii. 17-19.

'Tis he that works to do ; AY

LTI SUGH the vine its fruit deny, His is the power by which we act,

The budding fig tree droop and His be the glory too!
No oil the olive yield; (die,
Yet will I trust me in my God,

HYMN 211. (IIL. 11).
Yea, bend rejoicing to his rod,
And by his grace be heal'.

Ephesians v. 14–17.

INNER! rouse thee from thy sleep % Though fields, in verdure once ar

Wake, and o'er thy folly weep ; ray'd,

Raise thy spirit dark and dead,
By whirlwinds desolate be laid,

Jesus waits his light to shed.
Or parch'd by scorching hcam ;
Still in the Lord shall be my trust,

2 Wake from sleep, arise from death, My joy; fjr, though his frown is just, See the bright and living path: His mercy is supreme.

Watchful tread that path; be wise, 3 'Though from the fold the flock de

Leave thy folly, seek the skies.

3 Leave thy folly, cease from crimo, cay, l'hough herds lie famish'd o'er the lea From this hour redeem thy time; And round the empty stall;

Life secure without delay,
My soul ahuve the wreck shall rise,

Evil is the mortal day.
Its better joys are in the skies ; 4 Be not hlind and foolish stil,
There, God is all in all,

Call'd of Jesus, learn his will: 4 ln God my strength, howe'er dis- Jesus calls from death and night, trest,

Jesus waits to shed his light. 1 yet will hope, and calmly rest,

HYMN 212, Nay, triumph in his love;

(C. M.) My ling'ring soul, my lardy feet,

Hebrews xii. 1, 2
Free as the hind he makes and fleet, L. what cloud pflwit:108905

HYMN 209. (C. M.)

Men once like us with suff"ring tried,
St. John xiv. 6.

But now withi glory crown'd: THOU art the way to the alone 2 Let us, with zeal like theirs inspir'd And he who would the Father seck, And, freed from ev'ry weight of sin,

Must seek him, Lord, by thee. Their holy footsteps trace. 2 Thou art the truth--thy word alone 3 Behold a witness nobler still, True wisdom can impart;

Who trod affliction's path, Thou only canst inform the mind Jesus, the author, finisher, And purify the heart.

Rewarder of our faith : 3 Thou art the lifo-the rending tomb 4 He, for the joy before him get,

Proclai:ns thy conqu’ring arm, And mov'd by pitying love, And those who put their trust in thee Endur'd the cross, despis'd the shamo,

Nor deuth nor hell sha! harm. And now he reigns above. | Thou art the way, the truth, the 5 Thither, forgetting things behind,

Grant is that way to know, (life ; Press wo, to God's right hand ! T'hat trw 1 to keep, that life to win, There, with tho Saviour and his saints Whose oya etornal flow.

Triumphantly to stand

XV. GLORIA PATRI. N. B. The metre marks, affixed to thc preceding hymns, have to a division of the metres, founded on the nature of the verse, into four classes, marked-I. II. III. IV. Class I. includes common, long, and short metres, marked-C. M., L. M.,

S. M. Class II. includes the other lambick metres, cight in number, marked-IJ 1. II. 2, II. 3, II. 4, &c. which may be named; Tro, one ; 'T'wo, two

Two, three, &c. Class III. includes the Trochaick metres, being five in number, marked

III. I, III. 2, III. 3, &c. which may be named; Three, one; Threa.

t100, 8c. Class IV. includes the metres consisting chietly of triplets, being fivo in

number, marked—IV. 1, IV. 2, IV. 3, &c. and may be named ; Four one ; Four, two, &c.


II. 4.

To God the Father, Son, 'To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

And Spirit, ever bless'd, The God whom we adore,

Eternal Three in One, Be glory, as it was, is

All worship be address'd now,

As heretofore
And shall be evermore.

It was, is now,
L. M.

And shall be so
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

For evermore.
T'ho Gor whom earth and heaven!

II. 5.
Be glory, as it was of old, [adore,
Is now, and shall be evermore.

To God the Father, and to God the Son,

To God the Holy Spirit, Three in One, S. M. To God the Father, Son,

Be praise from all on earth and all in

heaven, And Spirit, glory be,

As was, and is, antlever shall be given
As 't was, and is, and shall be so
To all eternity

II. 6.
Eternal praise be given,

And songs of highest worth,

By all tha hosts of heaven,
II. 1.

And all the saints on earth,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, To God, supreme confessed,
The God whom heaven's triumphant To Christ, his only Son,

And saints on earth adore ; [host And to the Spirit blessed, Be glory, as in ages past,

Eternal Three in One. As now it is and so shall last

11. 7. When time shall be no more. To Father, Son, and Spirit bless'd, II, 2.

Supreme o'er earth and heaven, To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Eteraal Three in One confess'd, The God whom heaven's triumphant Be highest glory given, host

As was through ages heretofore, And suff'ring saints on earth adore; Is now, and shall be evermore, Be glory, as in ages past,

By all in earth and heaven. As now it is, and so shall last

il. 8. When time itself'shall be no more. By all on eart and all in heaven, II. 3.

Be everlasting glory given, To God the Father, God the Son, To God the Father, God the Son, And God the Spirit, Thre in One, And God the Spirit; equal Three Bo glory in the highest given,

In undiviiled Unity, By all on earth, and all in heaven, Ere time had yet its course begun As was torough ages heretofore, As was, and is, be higliesi raiga, LK

now, and shall be evermore. As still shall be through endless days


IV. 3.
IIL 1.

All praise to the Father, all praise to

the Son, Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit, Three in One!

All praise to the Spirit, thrico

pless'd, Glory, as of old, to theo, Now, and evermore shall be! Tho holy, eternal, supreme Throe in

KL. 2.

Was, is, and shall still be addresa'd
Praise the name of God most high,
Praise him all below the sky,

IV. 4. Praise him all ye heavenly host,

O Father A mighty, to thee be adFather, Son, and Holy Ghost:

dress'd, As through countless ages past,

With Christ and the Spirit, one God Evermore his praise shall last

ever bless'd, III. 3.

All glory and worship from earth and

from heaven, Praise the Father, earth and heaven, As was, and is now, and shall ever be Praise the Son, the Spirit praise,

As it was, and is, be given
Glory through eternal days.

IV. 5.
III. 4.

All glory and praise to the Father be To the Father, thron'd in heaven,


The Son and the Spirit from earth and Tu the Saviour, Christ, his Son,

from heavon ; To the Spirit, praise be given, Everlasting Three in One:

As was, and is now, be supreme ado

ration, As of old, the Trinity Still is worshipp'd, siill shall be.

And ever shall be, to the God of sal

III. 5.
Great Jehovah! we adore thee,
God the Father, God the Son,

For Hymns 145 and 185
God the Spirit, join'd in glory
On the same eternal throne:

To the Father, to the Son,
Endless praises

And Spirit ever bless'd, To Jehovah, Three in One.

Everlasting Three in One,

All worship be address'd :

Praise from all above, below,

As throughout the ages past,
IV. 1.

Now is given and shall be so
By angels in heaven

While endless ages last. or ev'ry degree,

When used to Hymn 185, in line 6, And saints upon earth,

read, All praise be address'd:

As was throughout the ages past. To God in three persons,

One God ever bless'd, As it has been, now is,

Come, let us adore him, come, bow at And ever shall be.

his feet, IV. 2.

O give him the glory, the praise that All praise to the Father, the Son,

is meet ; And Spirit, thrice holy and bless'd, Let joyful hosannas unceasing arise, h' eternal, supreme Three in One, And join the full chorus that gladdens Was, is, ana shall still be address'd.] the skies. Whenever the Hymns are used at the celebration of divine service, a *ertain portion or portions of the Psalms of David in metre skall also





Page all those that strive with me 18 Lord, hear the voice of my complaint 32 As pants the hart for cooling streams 22 Lord, let thy just decrees the king SE At length, by certain proofs, is Lord, not to us, we claim no share 62 plain

37 Lord, save me, for thy glorious name 28 Behold, O God, how heathen hosts

42 Lord, thou liast granted to thy land 45 Bless God, my soul; thoa Lord, alone 54 Lord, who's the happy man that may 8 Bless God, ye servants, that attend 73 My craity foe, with flattering art 19 Defend me, Lord, from shame

16 My God, my God, why leav'st thou Deliver me, O Lord, my God 30


12 Do thou, O God, in mercy help 23 My soul for help on God relies 31 For ever bless'd be God the Lord

77 My soul, inspired with sacred love 53 For thee, O God, our constant praise 32 My soul with grateful thoughts of From lowest depths of woe


62 From my youth as, may Israel say, 72 No change of time shall ever slock Give ear, thou Judge of all the earth 280 all ye people, clap your hands 25 God in the great assembly stands 44 0 come, lond anthems let us sing 50 God is our refuge in distress 25 Of mercy's never-failing spring 52 God's temple crowns the boly mouni 46 God, who hast our troops dispersed 50 Had not the Lord, may Israel say 71 O God, my gracious God, w thee 31 Happy the man whose tender care 22 o God, my heart is fully bent 59 Have mercy, Lord, on me

2710 God, whose former mercies make GO Hear, O my peupie, to my law 40|0 God of hosts, the mighty Lord 45 He's blest wliese sins have pardon O God, to whom revenge belongs 50 gain'd

16 0 Israel's Shepherd, Joseph's Guide 43 He that has God his guardian made 190 Lord, thou art my righteous Judge 4 Hold not thy peace, O Lord our God 44 O Lord, my God, since I have placed 4 How blest are they, who always keep 640 Lord, my rock, to thee I cry 15 Pow blest is he, who ne'er consents 30 Lord, our fathers oft have told 23 llow good and pleasant must it be 49 O Lord, to my relief draw near 36 How long wilt ihou forget me, Lord 7 O Lord, the Saviour and defence 48 How many, Lord, of late are grown 3 0 Lord, I am not proud of heart 72 How vast must their advantage be 73 On thee, who dwell'st above the skies 71 I'll celebrate tly praises, Lord 150 praise the Lord, for he is good 53 In deep distress I oft bave cry'd 70 O praise the Lord, with one consent 73 In Judah the Almighty's knows 39 O praise the Lord, and thou, iny soul 78 In thee I put my steadfast trust 3O praise the Lord with hymus of joy 18 In vain, O man of lawless might 27 O praise ye the Lord

19 I waited meekly for the Lord 210 praise the Lord in that blest place 80 Jehovah reigns, let all the earth 51 O rendier thanks, and bless the Lord 55 Jehovah reigns; let therefore all 520 render thanks to God above 36 Jurige me, O Lord, for I the paths 14 0 'was a joyful sound to hear 70 Jusi Judge of heaven, against my O thou, to whon all creatures bow 5 foes

23 Praise ye the Lord; our God to Let all the just to God, with joy 17 praise

61 Let all the listening world atiend 25 Preserve ine, Lord, from crafıy ioes 75 Let all the lands, with sbouts of joy S3 Protect me from my cruc! foes Let David, Lora, a constant place 72 Resulved to watch o'er all my ways 21 Let God, the God of batlle rise 33 Save me, O God, from waves that Lurd, near the voice of my complaivt & roll

85 Lord, hear my cry, regard my prayer 31 Since I nave placel my trust in God 7 Lorid hear my prayer, and to my cry 76Since godly men decay, O Lord

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